Food Photography

The Chaat Factor

‘Chaat food’ a type of street food, is the heart of all Indian food. Many food stuffs are included in chaat category, but the most common ones are pani puri or gol gappa, sev puri, aloo chaat, dahi vada, bhel to name a few. All these chaat items with their spicy and sweet taste never fail to tempt the people of any age. One glance at these items and they will leave your mouth watering.

North Indian states especially Delhi is the king of chaat food though Mumbai is not far behind it. In Mumbai you will find plenty of food stalls or ‘Bhel puri walas’ as they are known here that serve you the tasty chaat food.

This blog features five chaat food specialties that I have successfully tried out at home and they turned out to be wonderful.

Bhel Puri


Dahi Puri


Pani Puri


Ragda Pattice


Sev Puri


Important Note-

Dear Readers,

I apologize for not posting the February edition of Snacks, Starters, Appetizers on time. I was so caught up with my studies and examinations that I was unable to concentrate on blogging. Those who were eagerly waiting for the new post I am sincerely sorry.

Thank You!

Do enjoy this post and let me know in the comment section which was your favorite chaat item.

See you soon….


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