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Soya Chili Garlic

Soya chili garlic is yummy dish that flavors our mouth with soya chunks, green chilies and garlic tossed in assorted sauces. It is extremely simple to make and can be prepared at the last moment. It can be served as a starter or a side dish accompanied with burnt garlic rice.


Ingredients –

Soya Chunks 1 cup

Water 3 cups

Salt to taste

Garlic (finely chopped)) 3 tbsp

Green chilies (finely chopped) 3 tbsp

Soya Sauce 2 tbsp

Red chili sauce 2 tbsp

Tomato sauce 4 tbsp

Method –

Take 3 cups of water in a pot and add the soya chunks to it.

Add salt to it and let the water boil.

The soya chunks increases in size as it gets cooked.

Once done take off the flame and drain the water. Also squeeze out the water from the soya chunks. Keep aside.

Take a pan and add oil to it.

Once the oil heats up add garlic and green chilies.

Stir fry the chilies and garlic.

Now add soya sauce, red chili sauce and tomato sauce. Mix well.

Now add the soya chunks and mix again.

Let it cook for a minute or two and then switch off the flame.

Serve hot.

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